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Friday, September 9, 2016

New Project: Tales About Touching Lives

A couple days ago, in an effort to keep my Mom's memory sharp, we were talking about her old job. My mother had dreams of being a nurse, she was in her first year of college when she had to leave school to care for my grandmother, who had been diagnosed with cancer. Mom never did return to school.

Even though she never became a nurse, she did become a nurse's assistant. She in fact was working as a nurse's assistant at the same hospital, my grandmother spent her last days in. She worked on and off in this occupation all my life, right up until the day she was retired medically with a disabling injury. 

It takes little to take my mother back to the days of working with her patients and the ones who in some way or another touched her life. As we spoke I remembered having similar conversations with my paternal grandmother. You see, my mom's mother passed away three years before I was born, I never knew her. 

I guess you could say I come from a family of women in the nursing field. In fact at one time I thought to follow in their footsteps. My grandma was a LPN, I know they don't called them that anymore. She was a licensed practical nurse. She worked in her profession until she retired. For most of my life, she also held the title of Charge Nurse at the last few nursing homes she worked in. Years later when I went to work in those same homes, the residents still remembered my grandmother's kindness and care. Many remembered me visiting her as a child.

I never went far in the nursing field. I became a Certified Nurse Assistant and did work for a few years as such. I even worked at a couple of the same nursing homes at the same time as my mom did. So we had patients in common we remembered. It is these patients that I use to spark my mom's memory. So while we were reminiscing, I thought of all my friends who also work in the field or have worked in the field. And I felt an idea start to percolate.

To gather those stories. Some happy, some sad. Some that are even funny. To gather them all together in a book, celebrating the way people touch our lives.  As people in the nursing field, we see people at their lowest and some at their best. We watch family interactions and we see families forget. These are the tales I want to tell. To let the world know that even for a brief moment in each of our lives , we touched.

I am asking those of you who are my friends, family and even if we don't know each other but you also work in the field, to please send me your tales. If I choose to use your story, I will get in touch with you by email with more details.  So please look back through your own memories and if there is a good one, sad one or a heartbreaking one, please share them.

*Note: If you would prefer to share your story to me privately feel free to email me at 


  1. Do you remember the old black woman we all called "Mama"? The one who used to be a madame years ago. She could always make me laugh with her stories of her "hoes" as she called them, and constantly telling those of us who cared for her that all we needed was a good "****ing" to cheer us up. The woman didn't weigh 90 pounds soaking wet, yet she was fiery and feisty as they come. Just thinking of her still brings a smile to my face and makes me giggle.

    1. Yes, I remember her. She is one of the ones who also knew my Grandma. In fact I found out later that my grandpa used to visit her "ladies", and her payment was a bottle a whiskey.