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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Remembering Days Gone By

I was just sitting down to start to write this post, when I heard my niece yell. “I’m going to the creek with K. I have my phone if you need me.” She then headed out the door.
An innocent statement. One I hear almost daily. Today it just struck a chord with me about how time changes. Yet it doesn’t change.
I know, I’m confusing, but as I flashed to when me and my brothers were the age my niece is now, of how many times we ran out the door making much the same statement.
The difference being; that we didn’t have the small piece of technology that seems to govern my niece’s existence. Well, that is how it seems when the threat of it being taken away is used as punishment.
Our way of being contacted was what I called the Neighborhood Mom Holler. Let me explain.
I grew up in a mid-sized town, where everyone seemed to know everyone else. My mom would stand on either the front porch or the back steps. It all depended in which direction we had said we were heading when we left. She then would yell (holler) our name.
Now some of you are probably smiling because you know what I’m talking about. For the unenlightened, her holler would be picked up by mom’s up and down the street until one of their voices caught our ear and we hollered back.
Now all of us kids knew, you had better holler back that you were coming. Or you were sure to get in trouble for making mom stand out there yelling for you when she had better things to do. Like yelling for the next kid on the list, to get home for supper, church, chores, the list goes on.
You had better hope that you heard her holler too. Because if by some chance you went beyond the boundaries of her holler network, well let’s just say I grew up when switches still grew on trees. And we had better bring a good one for what was coming.
Now days all a mom has to do is look up their kid in contacts and either send a text or call them. Some parents even have those nifty apps that track the kids phone. Guess who came up with this easy way of getting our kids attention, that’s right us. It was those of my generation, that began the innovations our children enjoy today. Those things we grew up wishing we had, we then grew up and invented.
I’ll step back from that discussion and save it for another time. This post isn’t about that. This post is about how time changes, yet stays the same. We tell the kids our “when we were their age” stories, but in a way they are just the new improved version of what we were told by our parents.
Do I miss the Neighborhood Mom  Holler? My answer to that is a resounding yes. I miss those days, when people were friends with their neighbors. Our parents weren’t worried about letting us kids run around the neighborhood.Why? Because they knew the people who lived all around them. They were our Mom’s eyes and ears watching out for us just as our mom was that for the other parent’s.
I miss when you played outside until the streetlights came on and then you came home. You weren’t worried someone would snatch you, because guess what. People actually sat out on their porches and talked to each other. They weren’t locked behind closed doors buried in technology. There was always someone watching your back so to say.
So yes, I miss those days, because they did seemed less stressful. There was a sense of community that is sorely lacking in this day and age. Maybe if we went back to that feeling. There might be less fighting, and instead of gunfire and hatred. We could once again hear the sound of the Neighborhood Mom Holler.

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