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Monday, April 10, 2017

Expanding My Horizons

I was sitting here this afternoon, and the urge to check into domain names struck me. So I did just that and guess what? I am now the proud owner of my own Domain. I am Didn’t see this happening until the end of the year once I had finished my first draft on The Cat’s Eye Chronicles, yet it has happened and I am happy.

This means I am one step closer to having what I want in my writing life. I now have my name out there in a bolder fashion. Marketing in action.

Another thing I did today was start a photo blog. You are probably thinking why start another blog. Well I wanted a presence on, so this is how I did it. I had been thinking about having a place where I could post my photos other than on Instagram. Now don’t get me wrong I love Instagram , I just felt the need to expand my horizons. So I am doing it.

Along with writing, another one of the things I love is to take pictures. I finally got a camera that takes half way decent photos, and I am trying to always catch shots that inspire me, take my breath away, or document my family. It doesn’t hurt to have pictures of the cats that The Cat’s Eye Chronicles is based on floating around the World Wide Web. Just another way of getting my readers more invested in my product.

I am starting it off slowly. Just an intro to the cats right now. But we have flowers blooming all around our house so there will be pics of flora from the state of Texas shown there as well as landscapes, sunrises, sunsets, and skylines.Just some of the things I love to capture in my lenses view.

I have also enlisted the help of my niece in adding some of her favorite photos she has taken. She thinks her pictures suck half the time, but she has a good eye. I have told her she could make a living with just her photos, but at the age of fourteen, she hasn’t decided what she wants to be when she grows up. I just hope it doesn’t take her almost forty years to become what she wants in her heart to be. I hope in some way I am showing her it is never to late to set your dreams into action.

I am doing all that I can think of to expand my followers. I am actively trying to be prepared for when my book is published to take the steps needed to make it a best seller. Of course just seeing my book in print will be a dream come true in and of itself. But I would be lying if I didn’t want to make some money with it too. The plans I have for The Cat’s Eye Chronicles go as far as there being a graphic novel in the future, as well as character figurines. Can you tell how far I have thought ahead of myself. I know this will happen because I believe in my story, and the world I have created in it.

I wished I had more talent at drawing; now don’t get me wrong I draw one heck of a stick figure. Not to mention I draw some pretty flowers. I just wish it was me drawing my characters the way I see them in my head. At least I can help some artist get their work noticed as well. So there is that to consider. That is one thing that worries me, finding an artist that sees the characters the way I do. It is a bit intimidating when I think about it. That is what expanding your horizons is all about isn’t it?

I know this is a short post, and for that I apologize. It has just been a very busy day, and my brain is telling me I am tired. So for once I will listen, and close out this post. If you want to check out the newest blog here is the address.

R.A. Buster’s Photo Blog

Some more websites to check out are:

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