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Monday, September 4, 2017

A Year Goes By

Today I am writing about journeys. What kind of journey, you ask? For this post, I am talking about the journey to becoming a published writer and a successful blogger. I recently was going back through my old post and discovered that this blog has reached its first birthday. Where has the time gone? So I figure I will take you on the journey of the first year of a Glimpse of My World.

My first post was on August 4, 2016. This day is special for another reason besides the start date of my blog. It is the birthday of one of my dearest friends, Fred. What is sad is that I don’t know if he has even read one of my blog posts. Our communication is limited due to his lack of a computer or phone. I hope he has though because he has always been a strong supporter of my writing.

What can happen in a year? So much but not enough, is my answer to this question. This year saw a loss, change, battles, and hope.We lost a special member of the family in the loss of our youngest cat, Donny. He will always be remembered as he plays a role in my upcoming book.He was and is a member of The Cat’s Eye Gang.I still find myself seeking him out while I am writing. He inspired me every day with his perseverance against a life long illness.

I saw a change in many parts of my life. I saw the change in my mother’s health as she struggled to remain independent and living on her own. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t in the cards, and she is now living in a skilled nursing facility. As I watched my mom’s struggle, I also struggled to come to terms with my diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It was nice to finally have a name to what had been affecting my life for so long. I am still trying to discover what other health issues I have. My next battle is to find a way to lose weight, by doing that I hope to alleviate some of my pain.

I have learned to wake up each morning prepared to go into battle. I battle against my health, my financial situation, and life in general. I have adopted the motto that I will keep fighting until I am in the grave, and hell, I will keep fighting from the grave if I must. I am tired of letting circumstance rule my life. I am taking my life back and going to win.

A few short months after I started this blog, I began working on what is now my book in progress. I had thought my first book would be on a totally different subject and genre. Fate had other ideas though and Tales of The Cat’s Eye Gang was born. ?Inspired by the cats I share my life with, it has reached the place where I can see me writing “The End” in sight. I have written over 60,000 words to date on this manuscript. Along with this adventure, I have shared every word written in all of it’s unedited, first draft glory on my sister blog, Tales of The Cat’s Eye Gang. If you want to join the adventure please check it out.

In the last year, I have been fortunate to meet some incredible people. Writers like me as well as artists, actors, and friends.My blogs have been nominated for awards, not once but twice in the last year. To the ones who nominated me, I offer huge thanks. I strive with each new post to improve, to grow stronger as a writer and blogger. Every day I learn something new and try to incorporate it into my writing.

You can’t look at the past without thinking towards the future. With this in mind, I want to let you know what my future plans are for this blog as well as my writing life. As I stated above, I am nearing completion of my first book. Once the first draft is written, that is when the real work begins. I will begin the editing phase, where I take my manuscript and go through it with a fine toothed comb. I will be looking to refine and polish it before sending it out to those lucky enough to be chosen as my beta readers. As I get the input from them I will begin the revision phase. I know it sounds daunting but I am looking forward to the challenge.

This is also the year I start looking for an artist to bring my main characters to life. If you have been following my Tales of The Cat’s Eye Gang Blog, then you see each week a picture of what I think of while writing. I want to bring a visual for each of the gang members that will help my readers as they enter the world of Cameria. I will also be looking for my cover artist and professional editor. With each step, my readers are invited to join me in my journey.

I also will be working on improving my health and finding answers to my concerns about my health. I also want to work on finding where I want to be living. I currently live with my brother, but have dreams of owning my own home. This year I am striving to reach that goal. So as you see I am ready for this next chapter of my life to begin. I hope that you, my reader will take the journey with me as I offer you Glimpses of My World.

Remember to love fully and laugh often.

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