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Monday, January 29, 2018

Looking For The Bright Side

Here we are again. Another beautiful Monday. I know, I know. What is supposed to be so beautiful about Monday? For one, you woke up alive. God granted you another day to spend living. One more day to write your greatest moments in the stars. One more day spent with those you love. That is, and of itself makes it a beautiful day.

No matter what Monday is just around the corner.
I took a real good look outside this morning and realized that Spring will be here soon. I saw the smallest hint of green among the brown grass. Soon the flowers will follow. I have even taken notice of the fact that the length of each day is getting longer in slow steady increments. That makes me feel happy. The world is awakening from its winter sleep.

To usher in this happy feeling, I went and signed up for a membership at the gym. Time to lose these pounds that seemed to have crept on to my body while my head was turned. I went to the doctor the other day and had to take a second look when I saw how much weight I had put on since summer. I sometimes swear my body hates me. Just when I think I have it under control, it shows me that I don’t. Kinda pisses me off because then I get the doctors lecture about how losing some weight will help me. No duh! Doc.Why not give me something to help me instead of just criticizing my efforts.

I mean really, doc. I gave up soda, chips, and above all my most favorite thing in the world. Baked goodies. I mean I tried to give up chocolate but my inner bitch said screw that. So we came to an agreement and try to eat only dark chocolate. It isn’t my favorite but sometimes you have to make sacrifices. I do portion control on all of my meals, which is a great way to lose weight. That and drinking lots of water. I usually eat off of a salad plate, they are great for controlling how much you eat. There is only so much room for it. Secondly, I try to avoid going back for seconds. The funny thing is I have kept track of my calories and I usually don’t meet my caloric goal for the day, let alone the week.

How did I get off on my diet? This post is about finding the glory in being happy with who you are. It is about finding beauty in everyday things. I am slowly breaking free of the chrysalis of depression I have been enveloped in the last few months. I am working my way free so that I can fly again. Okay, I know I am corny or crazy. One of them. Maybe both. Who knows?

This is also my getting back to regular posting I discussed in my last post. I have been busy working on my follow-up story for The Tales of The Cat’s Eye Gang. I just started the "what if" phase of my story planning. All I have to say is for anyone wanting some backstory for my upcoming book this one has it. It has practically been writing itself in my planning sessions. I just hope I can do justice to Bo and CeCe’s love story.

Let me think what else is happening in my life. I have been slowly weening myself off medication that seems to affect my CFS. I am tired of being tired all the time. I have really been fighting to get anything done. You add exhaustion to depression what do you get? Nothing. It is a battle to just climb out of bed every morning. And that has always been a battle for me as I am a dedicated night owl. Let the early bird have its worm. I stick to the nightlife.

 As I start this new exercise regimen, I suppose I should do a before picture to see how much difference exercising does for me. Who wants to join me on this journey? Just leave me a note in the comments or send me a message on one of my social platforms and we can begin a 2018 New Year, New Me plan. I am always looking for helpers to make me accountable for the things I am doing. Just look at that. I have reached my writing goal for the day and went beyond it. I hope today finds you loving fully and laughing often.
Yes, this is me now. Gray hair and all.

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