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Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Tough Choices

It has been awhile since I have made a post to my blog. Sorry to say, the day after making my last blog, I came down with a nasty throat virus, and then the flu decided to join the party. As anyone with a chronic disease knows, any illness that weakens you, hits someone with a weakened system a bit harder. It makes recovery a bitch.

So, I entered the holiday season not at all in the mood for, or in the spirit of the holidays. One good thing was my brother; who had been living all the way up in Washington state, finally made the move to join the rest of the family. He missed Thanksgiving by two days. Too bad turkey was gone the day after.

The sad news is he also arrived just in time to witness the further deterioration of our mother's health. As many of you already know I am the adult caregiver to my elderly, disabled mother. She has some serious health issues, that up until recently were a problem, but not enough to keep her from living on her own. Well this week that has all changed. I have spent the last several days walking into her apartment each day in dread of what next I will find.

The woman who I once lived in fear of, is now the mere shadow of her. She is confused, doesn't recognize night from day. She forgets to eat, to take her medicines. I find her in stages of undress, lost in a fog, unaware of anything occurring around her. In a week and a half, she has fallen twice. Her falling alarms me, but what alarms me more is that where in the past she was quick to ask for assistance. Now she remains where she fell, not making any attempt to get assistance to rise.

I had to take her to the hospital, and there she remains as of this writing. Come Monday, we begin the process of making the hardest decision. Choosing the skilled care facility to place her in. I know she is going to hate it, and probably me. I can't think about hurt feelings right now, I must think of the best thing for my mother. As much as I would love her to stay living independently, that just isn't a decision I can make. Unfortunately, she needs twenty-four hour care, with medical personnel that can evaluate her daily.

So at this moment I have had to make the decision to put my work on my books, and both blogs on hold until after the New Year. I hope once Mom is settled into her new home and I am done dispensing with her household belongings. I will then be able to concentrate once more on finishing my books.

I hope all my friends, and readers have a very Happy Holiday. And may the New Year bring you Bright Blessings, Laughter & Love.

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