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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Hating Goodbyes.

Today my heart is breaking, my tears they now flow for the loss of someone special, someone gone way too soon. To some my loss may seem simple, for others a waste of tears they say. It is only an animal, nothing special in any way.

Today the choice was made. To ease a life in pain. He can now beyond the bridge run, frolic, and play. No more coughing, no more choking, no more eyes filled with pain. We chose to send him with the hard decision that had to be made.

Today I look at where once he lay, my eyes fill and flow. He was a simple creature, but for me so much more. He gave me gentle persuasion, with each look and with each sigh. He inspired me to continue to work on the book, in which he is a character who is gracious, and who is wise.

Each day as I continue this path we started. Each time I feel I can’t continue. I will gaze towards your pillow and know there you still lie. You will guide from the other side. From the land across the bridge, the one up in the sky.

As you can tell, this day has been a sad one. Today we had to say goodbye, to our beloved Donny Brasco. May he rest in peace with the angels. Until we see him once again.

In Memoriam to Donny Brasco
Born: April,2013 Died: March 28, 2017

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