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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Time For Some Sunshine.

When I woke up this morning, waiting in my inbox was an unexpected surprise. My friend Theresa Jacobs had sent me a notice that she had nominated me for a Sunshine Blogger Award. I know some people think these nominations are of little consequence, but to me, it means someone is indeed noticing the hard work I put into providing entertaining and informative blogs.

I noticed she chose blogs that were geared toward either pets or authors who write about animals in some way. My nominations will be to some of my favorite’s that I have found in my journey across the web.

The questions were in two parts. I figured since I fall into both categories, I would answer all of them. The rules for The Sunshine Blogger Awards can be found below.

As I visited the other nominees, I found most only nominated three authors/bloggers and a number of questions varied. I will stick to the three nominees tradition. And will pose ten questions.

Here are my answers to Theresa’s questions:
(Pet bloggers)
1.  How many animals do you own? What types and names.
I don’t own any animals. They may think they own me, but I choose to share my life with two cats. They are named CeCelia(CeCe) and Neko. I live with my brother, and he has two cats, one dog, and a couple aquariums filled with fish.Their names are Bo Jangles, Dominic, Magic, and the fish all have names but I really don’t have the time to name them all. Recently my mother’s cat, Gizmo joined the group.So we have a very full house.

2. How do you keep a blog fresh from a pet's perspective?
With a house full of animal’s there are not many dull moments. There is always something new to be discovered or to wreck havoc on.So as an author I just need to keep alert, and if possible always have my camera ready.

3. What made you decide to write about or with your animals?
I decided to start my blog called The Adventures of The Cat’s Eye Gang when I was creating my author's page. I was looking for some way to draw an audience into visit it and be introduced to my works in progress. I was brainstorming ideas with my sister in law one day, and the cats were feeling the coming full moon and were more crazy than usual. The idea was born.

4. If you could tell the world one thing that is most important to you as a pet lover, what would it be?
Always spay/ neuter your pets. And never buy. There are shelters full of the most beautiful animals just (literally)dying for a new home. Rescued animals are the best pets in the world. I speak as the slave of several.

(Animal Character)This next portion will be answered by one of the characters of my current WIP: The Cat’s Eye Chronicles Book One 
5.Why did you choose to use animals as your main character? Is your animal real or mythical?
Hey y’all. My name is Neko, and I am a member of The Cat’s Eye Gang. That lady asked my mama/author why she chose animals as characters. Well, we are characters. Somewhere along the way of writing about my real life counterpart, I was born. I have all of his traits, but I think I am much more handsome. I mean I am a Pantheri prince and all. Am I real or mythical? Let’s just say I’m mythically real.

6. Do you give them human-like appendages? Or try to keep the characters close to their true form?
I, for one, have no idea what a human is. Wait, is that one of those critters that we see on rare occasions, but when we get close they disappear.I am a Felis. Our history says that once we walked on all fours but I just can’t see how that could be. I’ve heard this word Catus thrown around among some of the elders, but to find out more that would mean I would have to listen to a long drawn out speech, and sorry nope.I got things to do. I have fur and claws, so you figure out the answer.

7.  Obviously, for writing, they must use English, but in character do they have a language that humans would not understand?
Okay here is this human word again. We speak Camerian, and of course, CeCe, Azereus, and I speak Mithralian. In my dreams, I sometimes hear voices speaking another language but I’m not sure what it is. Maybe it is my mother tongue, Pantheri.

8. Tell us a bit about your animal characters world?
Our world is both ancient and evolving. There are crumbling ruins of places that time has forgotten. For the most part, we are told as children to avoid them. There are majestic mountains with snowy villages scattered among them. The tall forest house many mysteries, and then there are the valleys where my home of Cat’s Eye is. The trees seem to speak to me as I cavort among them. The hidden caves have been a delight to explore for my friends and I. I have heard there is a vast body of water on the other side of the Tlaqix Mountains. Maybe one day I will find out.

Well, that was all the questions given to me, so here are my nominees for this award, and their glorious questions specially approved of by The cat’s Eye Gang. I nominate Jenna Moreci, Sam Kasse, Kent Wayne.

And now my questions for them are as follows or should I say for one of their characters.

1.What genre did your author write you into? What makes your character a great fit for this genre?
2.What is the hardest thing about being you?
3.Do you agree with all of the choices your author makes for you?
4.Does your author play favorites? If so, are you considered a favorite?
5.If you could speak directly to your readers, without the author as a middleman, what would you like them to hear directly from you?
6. If you are not the protagonist in your story, do you wish you were? Why/why not?
7.What’s the most interesting thing about you?
8.Do you like the story your author has written you into? If not, why?
9.Do you think there will be a sequel to your story, and if yes, will you be in it?
10.What is a hidden talent you have that the author hasn’t utilized, or discovered yet?

There ya have it, folks. Thanks for checking out this post, and I hope my nominees will at least consider joining in the fun. Until next time. Live life fully, and laugh often.

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  1. Great job R.A! I'm glad you picked up the baton and passed it on! This was very informative, I learned lots about you and your characters.
    Thanks for that, Theresa