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Monday, June 26, 2017

To A Life Uncluttered

I’ve been sitting here wondering what my subject for the day should be.I know some bloggers plan their posts weeks ahead. I sometimes do, like when I plan on doing a series as I did with my series on the Colors of Emotion. Most of the time I sit down at my desk the day before my blog is scheduled and begin to write. I feel this gives my readers a more in-depth glimpse into my world.

Now you might think I put little to no thought into what I write by doing it this way, but that is the farthest from the truth. From the time I post the previous week’s blog post, my brain is processing subject matter and ideas for the next one. Don’t you just love how the brain can multitask, sometimes without you even being aware of it?

When I sat writing in my journal this morning my mind was torn between to subjects. By the way, journaling is a great place to come up with all kinds of ideas. Not only for your blog… if you write one. It also helps you organize your thoughts, I like to think of it as a way of putting all of those ideas your brain has been multi-tasking at creating, into a workable filing system. Some call it thought-dumping. Whatever you choose to call it, having a journal helps get your mind unscrambled after a long day of dealing with life’s little curve balls.

Back to my morning journaling, I was batting around the idea of whether to write about how I spent my week uncluttering my writer’s life, or about what it’s like to have a parent with Dementia. I felt like I had sort of covered the putting to order my life in another post, but then I thought no, I had mentioned it when announcing the closure of my old website. As for writing a post about what it has been like for me since I was told my mom had Dementia, and possibly the early onset of Alzheimer’s, well that one will be for another day.

So here we are back to what the post is about. I guess you could say it is one about how to go about getting rid of the clutter in not only your mind; but also your life. And how keeping a journal helps me do that. In one of my journaling sessions, I kept thinking about how overwhelmed I felt with how many blogs I was writing. Especially when one of them just seemed to exist without giving value.

 I also looked over my website and realized how much I had changed since the first moment I sat down to create it.It was at that moment that I decided to start getting rid of the things that weren’t working for me to make room for the things that are, and will in the future.

I announced the closing of my accountability blog on WordPress and that my old website had been replaced with a new one. Both will go dark at the end of June. I set about re-designing my website, making it more about what it was created for; a platform for me as a Writer.

When I hit publish this time on my site, I wasn’t sitting there thinking am I proud of this, do I even want to promote it. That was exactly what I was feeling with the first one. This time I am proud to promote my new site, feel free to check it out. R.A. Buster-Writer.

You’re probably wondering what I meant about having an uncluttered life. It’s quite simple. We all carry baggage around with us, be it emotional or physical. I do a thorough cleaning once a month of both my room and my emotional thoughts. How do you clean emotional thoughts, well here I am back at journaling? Once a month, I close myself somewhere quiet where I won’t be disturbed and vent. I journal all the pain, hurt feelings, anger… any of the emotions that are affecting me, and causing me to feel weighted down. Things that curb my creativity.

You ask how can you do this? How can you write something so personal down, where there is a possibility someone may find it and read it? I had those same fears when I began journaling. I live in a busy household, and being a very private person, to begin with, it took me a bit to open up to a blank page my deepest and darkest thoughts.

I lived in constant fear that someone would open my journal, and see me as a monster. You know what… one day I decided if they wanted to read my personal journal then they would just find out the true me.Not the image I put out so that people won’t see how broken I truly am.

This isn’t just something I came up with out of the blue, I have as you know Bipolar Disorder and Anxiety/Panic disorder. A few years back, I started seeing a therapist, to help me to deal with my anger issues. The first exercise she gave me was to write a letter to my anger. I know weird but it helped.

The second exercise was to keep a journal. And get this I was to bring it to therapy each week, and if I felt like it, I could share it with her. I never got around to the place where I could share my journal with her. I bared too much of my soul in my journal for even her to see.

What my story shows is that journaling is a good for you. It helps you mentally unburden yourself. Once you close the journal, forget it. Start fresh. Uncluttered.

Now for getting rid of the clutter in your physical life, that’s a bit easier. You can get the cleaning supplies out and go to town. I don’t know about you but the smell of a clean house improves my mood so much. Forget Calgon take me away, Pine-Sol does that for me. Once the house is clean, it’s time for the closets.

I know what you are saying. “Is she kidding me?” Monthly closet cleansing helps shorten the once year closet clean out. I just go through my closet, and if I didn’t wear or use it in the last month, I put it away to see how long it takes me to find it and put it back. If I don’t, then it’s already pulled for the end of the year cleaning.

The one place that always will be in disarray is my desk. With everything going on in my life in with regards to my mom, my health, and my writing; it just never seems to get cleared off. On that subject, I just concede to the fact that at least I have a life to be cluttered.

I leave you with this- try keeping a journal for a week just to see if it helps. Even if it is a daily recollection of events. Give it a try and let me know if it works for you. And best of all it doesn’t have to be fancy, all you need is a notebook and a pen or pencil. I even know people who journal on the computer. It all comes down to what makes you comfortable.

Well, I’m off to see if I can find some papers I need underneath the hodge-podge that covers my desk. As always live life fully, and laugh often.

My Desk

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