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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Not Sleeping Beauty

I don’t know about other little girls but when I was little, my favorite Disney movie was “Sleeping Beauty”. No Cinderella for me, it was Aurora and her prince that I fell in love with. Who needs a glass slipper when you have an evil witch/fairy named Maleficent, who can turn into a dragon.

I don’t know what drew me to this story more so than any of the other princess’, but I loved it from the start.The funny thing is as I was growing up I felt more like the little Cinder girl, waiting for my rescue by my handsome prince. Alas, it never quite happened.

This past year I have resembled Aurora more in her somnolent repose, than in her singing with the animals. Although I have had some musical moments with the cats. I feel like I have slept through the last half of this year. I try to wake up but the urge to sleep is just too strong for me. I cannot function without the sleep, and when I am awake my energy level is nil.

With this sleeping spell, I don’t get to be laid out waiting for my prince to come. I am not a sleeping beauty. I drool too much in my sleep for that.He would find me in a rumpled bed, snoring with my mouth wide open. My hair sticking out every which way except for the portion matted to my head from the aforementioned slobber. I will be half uncovered as to keep from being too hot or too cold. You know the kind of girl every prince wants to see after he has been wrongly imprisoned and fought a dragon for you.

I, myself think I closely resemble the dragon most days. But that’s just my opinion. I knew that being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was not a great thing, but I could still function when I was diagnosed. Nowadays it takes a police siren set as my alarm clock to even wake me up. And don’t expect coherent thought for at least an hour after the alarm bells ring.

I have been trying to remember when was the last time that I could make it through the day without a nap or two. It was sometime around when I was dealing with all of my mother’s move to the nursing home. That was also the same time I was given two new prescriptions. The more I think about it, I wonder if this being sleepy all the time might have something to do with those two small pills.

I began reading up on my medicine, which I always read all of the warnings and fun stuff literature that the pharmacist gives me. I just wanted to refresh my groggy memory to see if they could be the culprits.Guess what? Almost every medication I take causes some form of drowsiness. Oh yippee!! So my ailments are doing great but causing other symptoms. Thanks, big pharma. I am a living testament to the fact that what you take to cure yourself, may indeed kill you.

So now I am left in a quandary, do I keep taking said medication or ask the doctor for something new that may have even worse side effects or just ask to be taken off the stuff and deal with the problems that the medication was prescribed for in the first place. This is where the prince comes in and wakes me from my hundred year sleep, or is this where I prick my finger in the spindle and fall under the curse?

With the new year just weeks away, I have made some decisions regarding my health. The biggest one to go over all my medication with my doctor and any that we don’t think I need to live are going to the wastebasket. I am tired of being in a drug-induced slumber all day and night.

The next thing is I am joining a health club and starting an exercise program to lose some weight and build my strength. I am tired of the doctor’s question about whether I have been exercising. Yeah, doc, I exercise between naps. If I can’t stay awake for important stuff like my writing, why would I stay awake for something that makes me sweat?

Maybe by the time all is said and done, I will look more like the Sleeping Beauty in the story. Minus the handsome prince or evil witch/fairy. Did I mention I loved those good fairy’s although some of their gifts are more curses if you ask me? That is just my opinion.

I think I have finally finished my rambling, I am sorry that I have been absent from blogging and I hope that you will all stick with me as the new year begins. The first draft of my book is just a couple chapters from when I can write “The End”. New things coming in the new year as I begin edits and rewrites. I will even be looking for some people to read the book as betas.

I hope you have a Happy Holiday season. And a very blessed New Year. And remember to love fully and laugh often.