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Monday, January 22, 2018

New Year, Old Me

photo of a list of goals for 2018

As the new year begins people everywhere are making resolutions. I wonder out of the million resolutions made each year how many are still being done come to the end of the year.I decided a long time ago that I wouldn’t make any resolutions because then when I inevitably broke them I wouldn’t upset myself.I am very strict on honesty even with myself. I don’t make promises for the same reason, I know that the way my luck goes I will most likely break it.

This is also the beginning of a new quarter if you are one of those people who like to split the year into fourths. At the beginning of each new quarter, I like to make goals that I want to accomplish for the next three months.This post is to get my goals out into the world so that I am more likely to fulfill them. If I say this is something I want to do, I will do my best to do it so that I am not a liar.

My first goal is to write at least 500 words every weekday. I give myself two days off because the weekend gets a bit crazy around here on the weekends and nothing much gets done. This works out to 11,000 words a month. Not a lofty goal but one I can manage taking into account my disability. So far this month I have fallen short but I have two months left in the quarter so I should be able to make up for lost time.

The second goal is that I will start exercising. I know that life as a writer is a sedentary job so I need to get up out of my chair and if nothing more take a walk around the block or store depending on the weather. To aid in the task, I am joining a health club. I even added the healthy living clause to my health insurance to help me with the cost. I have three local gyms to choose from and I am now checking each one out to see which offers me the most for my money.
A scale, a measuring tape,and an apple

My third goal is to complete my book, Tales of The Cat’s Eye Gang. I am currently finishing the last couple of chapters. I am also working on the outline for a short story that ties in with the Cat’s Eye Universe. It will tell the tale of how Bo and CeCe met. I wanted to write the story of their beginnings because I hint to it in the book and I think some readers may enjoy the journey into Bo and CeCe’s past.

Number four, I need to think about it.Not really I will begin posting regularly again. My health kind of had me hung up for the last couple months and I became a slacker. I need to push myself harder. I don’t know why I let myself do that and I need to remedy my whole outlook. I hate being bipolar. The depressions hit and you just stop caring and then when the mania hits, you try to make up for the lack. It is a vicious cycle.

Let's see for five I am going for starting to save money because one I need new tires for my car. I also need to have some engine work done with replacing a couple failing modules. It also needs a driver side CV joint. At least I think that is what it is called. I also want to save money so I can take a trip to my home state and visit with family and friends. I want to take my niece because she is interested in seeing where her Dad and I came from.

a list of my first quarter goals for 2018
My first goals in purple and white.
For goal number six, I want to get my author website updated and add some more info about my current book. I need to start the search for an artist to capture the essence of the Cat’s Eye Gang, I started last year but then depression hit and that idea got shelved. I also want to have a giveaway or two but still working on that idea.

I know this is a short list of goals but I think it is a good place to start the new year with. I would love to hear what your New Years Resolutions were and if they have been laid by the roadside yet. Let me know what goals you have for this coming year. As always I hope you love fully and laugh often. Don’t forget to subscribe so you never miss taking a few Glimpses of My World.

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