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Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Inspiration Found In A Cookie

A pile of Oreo cookies

I recently finished my fantasy novel and have been trying to figure out what to do next. One of my writing guru's, Jennifer Blanchard runs a couple of Facebook (1% Writer’s Club & Dream Life or Bust) groups that I follow. She recently did a three-day series on finding an idea and outlining a non-fiction book to write.

Now I have always written fiction, except for what I write on my blogs, but I never felt what I write there would make an enjoyable book.  I figured I just didn't have a non-fiction book inside me. Apparently, I have been wrong. I discovered a topic to write about while I was doing something as innocent as eating an Oreo cookie. I remembered someone saying something at one time about the right and wrong way to eat an Oreo. Funny what little tidbits stick in the corners of your mind. I can’t remember where I put my car keys, but I can remember this. And this began me thinking of all the other somewhat useless stuff that we learn along the way and never think we will ever have a need to remember again.

I have found my non-fiction topic. It will have humor, some interesting facts and you will learn the proper way to eat, dare I say it, a cookie. I am in the search for what my readers have learned in their daily walks of life. Let me know by dropping me a comment below or leaving me one on my Facebook or Twitter. I have included the way to contact me on both. If I use your life lesson I will add you in my acknowledgments page of my book. If it is one that is of mind-blowing proportions, who knows I might give you a shout out in the book.

What am I asking for to be exact? I am looking for those small little anecdotes that bring to life how real life is. Such as The Five Second Rule. What is this, you ask? The Five Second Rule is exactly how long you can leave a basket of freshly laundered clothes unguarded before a pet will find them and decided they make a very good place for a nap. Now if you don’t have pets, you may not understand this rule, but those of us with animals, we are all shaking our heads in agreement.

This is what I am searching for those little bits of wisdom you have gleaned from your daily walk in life. Feel free to be creative, humorous, I will love to read all of your contributions. I know with the help of my readers this book should turn out to be something special.

On another note, I want to let you know that Glimpses of My Life will be going to a monthly blog for the time being. I will be working on the new book as well as working on rewrites for Tales of The Cat’s Eye Gang. I feel like I am shortchanging my readers by not giving them a heads up to the change. As for the missed last few weeks, blame them on this beautiful strain of flu that I encountered and can’t seem to kick. Hopefully, the doctor will find something to help it soon.

Remember if you have a life lesson that you feel everyone needs to know feel free to let me know on any one of my social media outlets. I look forward to reading them. As always love fully and laugh often.